Ten Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers of our time and she has been releasing hits for many years. Taylor Swift has spent so much of her life in the spotlight that you might thing she is an open book, however, there are still plenty of fun facts that you might not know about the singing starlet. Read on to find out more about Taylor Swift.

1 - What’s in a Name?

Ten Interesting Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor SwiftJoe Seer class="diritti">
The sizzling starlet’s full name is Taylor Alison Swift and her parents named her after James Taylor. In fact, her mother admitted that she named her daughter Taylor so that people would not know automatically if she was a man or a women when they saw her name on a business card. However, Taylor is also known by a large number of nicknames including T-Sweezy, T-Swizzle, T-Swift, Swifty and Tay, while her fans are called Swifties. Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on December 13 1989. Although it might not sound so unusual that her favourite number if 13, what might make your hair stand on end is the fact that when you add the numbers that represent the exact time of her birth – 5, 1 and 7, you also get the number 13.

2 - Phobias

Taylor Swift might look fearless when she swaggers onto the stage to perform her routine, but she actually admits to having a lot of phobias. She has said in interviews that she is absolutely terrified of spiders and snakes, while beetles can also put a shiver down her spine. She is also afraid of death, while the idea of unhappy endings can also fill her with fear and make her look twice before she leaps.
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