Ten Kinds Of Food You Mustn't Put In The Fridge.

The fridge is a great invention for storing food - that'll never be in dispute. But not all types of food can go in there without losing their quality! Read on to discover ten kinds of food you mustn't put in the fridge.

1 - Bread

Putting bread in the fridge dries it out so much it becomes unpleasant to eat. Why's this? Well, the coolness of the fridge dehydrates the bread by hardening its starch molecules and detaching the water molecules, making it hard and stale.Ten kinds of food you mustn't put in the fridge The bread will still be edible, just not very nice! People often think that putting their bread in the fridge keeps it fresher for longer, but science isn't on their side. So i you have a loaf that you want to save for a long time, try putting it in the freezer as soon as you get it home instead. This means it won't get moldy and, if properly wrapped in a freezer bag instead of its original one, it can last for up to six months. This works especially well with sliced bread because you'll be able to just slice off the amount you need, when you need it!

2 - Potatoes

Store your potatoes somewhere dry, never ever in the fridge! Putting potatoes somewhere cold like the fridge can increase the sugar levels in them, leading to the formation of a chemical called acrylamide when the potatoes are cooked. Ten kinds of food you mustn't put in the fridge Too much acrylamide can be hazardous to the health of both people and animals. Plus, the potatoes will become overly sweet and gritty if left in the fridge, which most people don't like. They'll turn darker when cooking as well. So instead of the fridge, store them in a cupboard or somewhere else with a normal room temperature (you should be looking at about 45F). If you've got a root cellar, as some chefs do, so much the better! Put all potatoes in paper bags instead of plastic ones, too, as this will help them to breathe and reduce the chances of rot. Doing this should increase your potato life by about three weeks!

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