Ten Male Bad Habits Women Can't Stand.


1 - The Wolf Whistle

Despite what many men seem to think, a lot of women can’t stand being whistled at in the street as they walk by a man or a group of men. The same also applies for those guys beeping their horns as they drive by a beautiful woman or group of women. While you may well be trying to pay them a compliment, and use it as a way to get noticed, it will often be received in a very different way. For the woman being whistled or honked at, it feels like an objectification of their beauty, without any appreciation for what they might be like as an actual person. The knee-jerk reaction can make some women feel very uncomfortable, and can even be intimidating. And, if done in the workplace, it could be seen as a form of sexual harassment. The wolf whistle should be avoided at all costs.

2 - Not Paying Attention

This is something a lot of men will confess to doing at one point or another. The ‘half-listen’, where you are physically present in a conversation but may well have zoned out somewhere in the middle. For example, if a woman is talking to you and the TV is on, your attention will be split half-way between the two. Inevitably, this will lead to problems. Important details can be missed or more easily forgotten, leading to things not getting done that you had absentmindedly agreed to doing. It can even build up tensions in the relationship. For you, it probably doesn’t seem like a very big deal. But for the women, it can be a sign they aren’t fully appreciated. They’re trying to have a conversation with you, and you appear to be more interested in watching what’s on the TV than paying attention to what they have to say.
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