Ten Male Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks With Cosmetic Surgery


The world can be a very superficial place and with so many people being judged mainly on their looks, it is understandable that some people may be tempted to opt for a little enhancement. However, Botox and other types of cosmetic surgery can sometimes go horribly wrong, leaving the victims permanently disfigured. Here are ten celebrities who certainly paid the price for fame as well as vanity, although in their cases the price seems to have been very high indeed. Once you have seen some of their faces they might be permanently be burned into your mind, so this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Bruce Jenner

Ten Male Celebrities who Ruined Their Looks with Cosmetic Surgery This celebrity started on the path of plastic surgery in the early 1990s and never looked back, although he probably should have. As the years worn on, the types of cosmetic surgery that Bruce Jenner opted for became more and more extreme. He has admitted to having a nose job as well as having his Adam’s apple shaved, which can’t have been a walk in the park. Perhaps surprisingly, Bruce Jenner was once famous for his athleticism and masculine image, although that went out of the window as soon as a bad facelift and nose job left him looking like an aging drag queen that had been left out in the rain.

Carrot Top

In the 1990s Carrot Top was famous for his wacky red hair, which added an extra dimension to his comic routines. However, these days, if you see Carrot Top perform on stage you might be unsure whether to laugh or cry. Ten Male Celebrities who Ruined Their Looks with Cosmetic SurgeryA large amount of Botox has left him looking like an evil clown, while he has also allegedly gone in for several laser peels and an eyebrow lift. Strangely enough, the performer denies ever having had cosmetic surgery of any kind, but unless he feel into a hornet’s nest or was hit in the face too many times, he clearly had a bad surgeon who was taking out his lack of talent on carrot Top’s face.
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