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Ten Natural Tricks To Avoid Heat.


Summer holiday precautions

Creams and oils for sun protection are amongst the most important requirements for holidays in the sun. Although not really a trick to avoid the heat, sun cream is an essential precaution whilst sunbathing under the scorching sun, and frequent applications are advisable.Ten Natural Tricks to Avoid Heat Most sun creams are water resistant so frequent dips in the sea to cool off will not compromise the effectiveness of the sun cream. Fair-skinned children need to be lavishly lathered in high-protection sun cream from the very start. It is worth taking a moment to evaluate the various degrees of protection and, if in doubt, opt for higher protection. There is a huge choice: cream, oil, emulsion, milk, lotion and more besides. Most contain UVA and UVB filters and many contain vitamins and nutrients; whichever type you choose, your skin will be protected, nurtured and hydrated.

Heat wave

Even tropical countries can experience extreme weather and temperatures can go higher than average. In these extreme cases, often heat wave alert warnings are given in newspapers and on television, and emergency services are set up in hospitals. Ten Natural Tricks to Avoid Heat Particular care should be taken with children and with elderly people when the temperature soars. They are the most vulnerable and extra precautions are needed. At the onset of extreme conditions, the first thought is to protect small children and keep them as cool as possible; here the trick is to offer lots of ice-cream, which the little ones love anyway, and cool drinks! Elderly folk suffer in the heat, even those used to living in hot climates. They are usually pensioners, many with limited means and, with very high temperatures, staying indoors with the shutters closed and a fan turning is not enough. In these cases one ruse that many use is to go shopping! At the hottest moment of the day the overpowering air conditioning of a supermarket or shopping centre is very welcome!

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