Ten Objects That Are Not Always Cleaned Properly.


Here, we look at ten areas of the modern home that may well require special attention to clean them properly. Sometimes, for quite understandable reasons such as time, work or family pressures, these points might escape our attention.

1 - Microwave ovens

Cleaning a microwave properly includes the insides - where spattered food from cooking spillages or overheating may have stuck to the surfaces. Ten objects that are not always cleaned properly If the turn plate can be carefully removed for cleaning, this is usually the easiest and most convenient way to wash it. on. The plate can even be put through a dishwasher cycle to leave it sparkling clean! Remember the recesses and corners, including inside and outside the door. Clean the finger controls too, to keep them hygienic. Microwaves can also be used to clean kitchen sponges properly – cleaning experts have been known to suggest that once washed and while still damp, they can be heated for a few seconds to kill germs. On the other hand, others advocate loading them into a hot cycle when loading up the dishwasher.

2 - The fridge

The fridge is sometimes neglected in the busy home and there is a misconception that it is entirely germ-free - or that germs do not multiply. This is not the case – if it were so, milk and cheese would last much longer! Ten objects that are not always cleaned properlyApart from cleaning the exterior, it is a good idea to clean more thoroughly from time to time - starting from the top and working downwards. The bottom of the fridge with the salad crisper draw underneath it and the inside of door shelves are principal areas where food and stains breed germs. As well as removing the crisper to clean its interior and exterior surfaces, we should also remember to clean the very bottom of the fridge too. This will remove any particles or soil from vegetables (such as potatoes) and prevent them from turning into a fine grinding paste that might scratch the clear plastic crisper draw.

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