Ten Of The World’s Highest Paid Men In The Entertainment Industry


10 - BRUNO MARS - Musician - $60mil

Surely Bruno Mars’ biggest achievement of the last year has to be collaborating with Mark Ronson on super-smash Uptown Funk. Whilst there is no doubt that this earned him a pretty penny - reports suggest that Mars will earn 17% of the song’s royalties - the bulk of his earnings will have come from his ridiculously successful Moonshine Jungle Tour which he took all over the world.
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Consisting largely of hits from his second album Unorthodox Jukebox, the tour was regularly sold out, and was met with huge critical acclaim, with particular emphasis given to the way it referenced 70s disco and resembled flashy entertainment venues of the past. Whilst Bruno Mars is famously short - just 5 foot 4 inches, it’s clear that if ever he should need some extra height, all he has to do is stand on his considerable wallet.

9 - JAY Z - Rapper/Entrepreneur - $60mil

Considering his bravado, you might expect Jay Z to be higher on this list, but in fact his wife Beyoncé actually managed to double his earnings (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). Still, $60 million is hardly something to turn your nose up at, and despite the recent flop of his Tidal streaming service, Hov still has his fingers in many pies. Amongst these pies you’ll find his record company Roc Nation, featuring Rihanna and Kanye West on it’s books, his chain of 40/40 bars, and his Armand de Brignac brand of champagne which is ubiquitous in his music videos. As one of only two rappers to make this list it doesn’t seem likely that Jay Z will be in need of money any time soon, but we’re sure Beyonce will always have his back.
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