Ten Places To Hide Your Stuff From Thieves


1 - Hole in the door

One great way to hide cash and small items such as jewelry is inside the door. Inside the door? All you need to do is drill a hole about the width of a cigar in the top of the door drilling downward a few inches. You can hide small objects or cash directly into the aperture, but ideally place your cash or small valuables inside a small metal tube small enough to sit inside the hole and insert it. The advantage of stashing your valuables into a metal tube is that it makes it easier to retrieve. You can simply hold a magnet over the tube and pull the tube with your cash from the hole. If it's in a metal tube it can This is the ideal way to hide small objects such as jewelry or rolled up wads of cash or anything else you can think of away from the prying eyes of thieves.

2 - Perfect place to leave the keys

Ever been tempted to leave a key under the mat? It's not the best place to leave a key to your house and by extension all your belongings. In fact in the UK there have been a spate of burglaries in recent years by thieves finding keys under door mats, flower pots and even garden gnomes. It's such an obvious spot that you're practically inviting these nefarious characters into your home to help themselves to your stuff. A much better idea is this handy little suggestion. Simply use a plastic bottle, such as the kind used for paracetamols, and glue one of those realistic looking plastic rocks to the top. Put your keys inside, crew on the top with plastic rock affixed, and find a suitable spot in your garden to bury the bottle with the stone showing atop. These plastic stones look so convincing that no burglar will spot it but you, or anyone else you want to allow into your home, will know precisely where your key is. But please, never under doormats, flower pots or garden gnomes. That's just too obvious. This is a much safer way.

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