Ten Reasons Bananas Make You Slimmer.


10 - A Low Calorie Snack Alternative

Bananas are slightly higher in calories than some other fruits, but still considerably lower than chocolate and other snack foods. Ten Reasons Bananas Make You Slimmer With approximately 100 calories in a medium banana, this naturally sweet snack even contains fewer calories than many supposed diet snacks, while being full of flavour, naturally sweet, and packed with pectin, helping to combat a sweet tooth and ensure that you stay fuller for longer. Bananas compare even more favourably to snacks like a portion of chips, a chocolate bar, or a bowl of ice-cream, all of which can contain 300 to 400 calories or more, depending on portion size and any garnishes or accompaniments that you might include. Whether you are looking for a snack alternative, a healthy and filling breakfast, or a food stuff that is packed with flavour to include in a calorie controlled diet, the readily available banana is an excellent choice.

9 - A Low Fat Food Source

It is widely recommended that a third or less of a person’s daily calorific intake should come from fat. Therefore, most people need to reduce their fat intake, even if they do not need to greatly reduce their calorie intake. Reducing fat intake can also have the beneficial side effect that it will naturally reduce calorie intake in most diets. Ten Reasons Bananas Make You Slimmer Low-fat and diet foods offer a viable solution to help reduce fat intake, but so too can replacing high-fat ingredients with low fat alternatives. A single banana contains only about 0.5g of fat, which means a fat calorie ratio of 5%, which is considerably lower than the 30% that is recommended by nutritionist and dietary experts. Bananas are also considered to be low in saturated fats, and some studies have suggested that large amounts of saturated fats can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels and associated health risks, in particular coronary and heart disease.

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