Ten Reasons For Drinking Warm Water.

People seeking a healthy lifestyle often drink cups of cold water, but drinking hot water can be equally as beneficial, if not more. Here are ten reasons for drinking warm water!

1) It's better than tap water

Boil your water first, wait for it to cool and then drink it, and you'll be getting a much better quality of water than you'd get from the tap.Ten Reasons for Drinking Warm Water Boiling water removes any unwanted organisms from the water - and that's just what you need to help your body healthy and at a lower risk of disease. Some people boil their water no matter what - store-bought water can contain unwelcome chemicals; tap water can be contaminated; natural water can contain bacteria. (That's one of the rare occasions where natural isn't better and needs a helping hand from technology!) Make sure you boil your water in a kettle for over a minute. Once it's done, you should have a healthy concoction that can help your body stay healthy if drank on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out what healthy warm water can do - it can have a great effect on your body and your overall health.

2) It can help you lose weight

What happens here is: the warm water that you intake increases your body temperature, which in turn increases your metabolic rate. This means, quite simply, that you'll burn through more calories. But there's more! Ten Reasons for Drinking Warm Water Hot water also helps to break down the adipose (fat) within your body. So if you're on a diet, add warm water to your routine, and see how much healthier you feel. In fact, people say that if you have your hot water in the morning, the rest of the dieting day will seem a lot easier. For an added bonus, add some lemon to the water. The natural chemicals in lemon help stop sugar cravings, making it even easier to stick to a healthy diet. Bear in mind, though, that you have to exercise as well if you really want to keep the pounds off, warm water alone is, while very helpful, not a cure-all!

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