Ten Stars Who Committed Horrible Crimes.


We think that we know celebrities because we see them on TV acting in our favourite shows, we watch them in interviews, and we read about them in magazines. What we don't always know is who celebrities really and, and what they may be capable of. This list of Ten Celebrities Who Have Committed Horrible Crimes includes a man who killed and ate his girlfriend's pet rabbit, a woman who committed Grand Theft (without the auto), and a guy who abused women as well as dogs. One famous criminal even got away with manslaughter! Read on for their detailed criminal stories.

1. Matt Dillon: Driving Fast Enough To Kill

Ten Stars Who Committed Horrible Crimes Matt Dillon, a 1980s 'teen idol' and current actor (2013 The Art of the Steal), was arrested back in 2009. He was going 106 miles (170 km)per hour on an interstate highway in the United States. Known for his role in Crash, Dillon seems to otherwise have a squeaky clean record - or is it merely that police sometimes cannot even catch up to him? As a long list of celebrities who died during highway accidents can attest, speeding is never cool.

2. Mel Gibson - Mad Max is Angry to a Fault

Said in his biography to be bipolar, Mel Gibson has certainly portrayed a mercurial temperament in his private life. Gibson accepted a plea agreement to avoid felony assault charges stemming from a 2011 incident where he hit his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. Ten Stars Who Committed Horrible Crimes His official statement claims 'once with an open hand to bring her back to reality' as he claimed that she was also bipolar. He got three years probation and 16 hours of community service.
Previously charged with several Driving While Under the Influence counts, Gibson's famed 'charm' has led to numerous shocking and horrible candid comments. As recently as February, he claimed the victim of a crash where he plowed into a parked car was simply harassing him because he was rich and famous (and not because she wanted her car fixed). He has been seen by the public as homophobia, anti-Semitic, racist and misogynistic.
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