Ten Surprising Alternative Uses Of Coca-Cola.

While Coca-Cola may be one of our favourite fizzy drinks, you might be surprised to learn that there are a number of alternative uses for this traditional cocktail. Let's take a look at ten such uses.

1 - A Rust Remover

Coca-Cola contains high amounts of a substance known as carbonic acid (we will see this term mentioned elsewhere throughout the article). One of the uses of carbonic acid is to remove rust from metal. Ten Surprising Alternative Uses of Coca-Cola Generally, the piece of metal should either be soaked in a solution overnight or the Coca-Cola can be placed on top of the metal. After eight or ten hours, the rust will become loosened. It can then be scraped away with a scouring pad or a wire brush. If the metallic item will remain outdoors and you are afraid of the Coca-Cola evapourating before its job is done, soak a good amount of it up in a cloth and then lay the cloth over the piece of metal. This will help to prevent the Coke from drying out.

2 - A Detergent?

This is one of the most shocking uses for Coca-Cola. Once again due to its high acidic content, this drink actually works quite well at breaking up tough stains on your clothing. However, don't make the mistake of pouring Coke directly into the washing machine. Ten Surprising Alternative Uses of Coca-Cola Instead, place a bit on the areas of any garments that contain ground-in dirt or discolourations. Let the Coca-Cola sit for a few hours before washing the clothes as your normally would. Interestingly enough, Coke is excellent at removing even the most stubborn stains such as blood, grease and red wine. However, be careful not to use this on delicate fabrics such as chiffon or silk. This drink has the tendency to break down more sensitive materials. Expect a clean blouse or pair of trousers when you are done!
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