Ten Things A Baby Can Learn When Still Inside Your Belly.


Pregnancy is actually an amazing thing. Each week, it is exciting to find out how your baby is developing and growing, right. For many years, scientists have assumed that babies were born without any knowledge and learn everything after birth. However, the recent research is questioning their assumption. Today, doctors have realised that babies begin to engage their senses and learn some things while still in the womb. Here are the top ten things a baby can learn when still inside your belly.

1. The Noise

The uterus is normally not the quietest place for a baby to hang out. The baby can hear the sound of their mother’s body: her heart beating, her stomach growling, occasional burp and noises from beyond. If you sit in a movie theatre or just walking by a noisy construction site, your foetus will react by kicking or shifting around. Even though all sounds are not the same, the most significant one a baby learns is the utero in your voice. By either seventh or eighth month, the heart rate pof your foetus slows down marginally whenever you speak. They might not understand what you are saying, but they are paying attention to how you say it. In fact, research shows that if any newborn is given a choice of sound, they prefer the version of voice of their mothers that sounds closest to what they heard in the womb. That is why the babies recognise their mothers’ voices as soon as they are born.

2. The Language

Quiet or not, unborn babies normally develop a fine sense of certain sounds. Research shows that babies have their first lesson in their mother tongue while still in utero. Babies listen more on people who speak in the same language of their mother, rather than in foreign languages. This is because babies learn the rhythm and melody of the speech, rather than particular words while in the womb. This does not mean that you need to converse directly to your swelling belly to give your child a head start on the language. You developing foetus gets all the information he/ she needs just by listening to how you converse with others. After birth, when a baby hears the sound of the mother talking, he/ she will constantly change the sacking patterns to hear the sound they had heard in utero. This is a clear indication that your baby learns the language while still in your womb.
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