Ten Tips To Help Recognise Fake Designer Bags.


If there are two things ladies must have, it’s lots of pairs of shoes, and plenty of bags. Bags for every occasion, shoulder bags, handbags, and clutch bags; preferably carrying a designer label. Designer bags provide a certain something special to the lady using one. A sense of capability, of potential – they are also very expensive. If your pocket doesn’t run to a brand new Chanel, how about a quality used bag? But how do you pick out the fake from the real?

Nothing is Guaranteed:

With the number of online sites advertising new and used designer bags, bags advertised on the likes of EBay or Amazon. Private vendors advertising a designer bag as ‘an unwanted gift,’ how can you ever be sure you are buying a genuine Chanel or Louis Vuitton? Here are ten things to help you in the hunt for the genuine article.

Louis Vuitton:

Firstly you need to know what bag you are interested in. And I don’t just mean the name, but everything about the bag. Learn about the fasteners, trim, stitching, labels, and the material. Most people can recognise leather. If the bag is made of leather it should smell of leather. If other unusual smells are present, maybe a chemical smell, rubber, or even glue, then you’re probably examining a fake. However, not all bags are made of leather. Louis Vuitton for example, produces bags made from a coated canvas. The only leather on these bags is the trim, examine it carefully. Genuine leather has a dry feel, should the trim on the bag feel almost slippery, sticky or oily it is almost definitely a fake. Keep your money in your purse.

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