Terrible Tragedy And Great Joy Comes In Threes For One Family.

It only took a moment to destroy their entire life. Nevertheless, a year later, their life was blessed with not one, but three miracles.
Little Kyle was celebrating his fifth birthday. Together with his mother, Lori; his grandmother Cindy; two-year-old sister Katie and four-year-old sister Emma, he was heading for a day out at the carnival. Kyle loved fairground rides and was looking forward to seeing zoo animals. The weather was gorgeous and, after their usual afternoon nap, the children climbed into the mini-van with their mother and grandmother to take that special trip. There was no traffic. Lori turned to Katie and tickled her foot gently. It would be the last time she saw her smile. Suddenly their car was rammed by a truck. It accelerated straight into the minivan without braking. The mother and grandmother were instantly thrown out of the vehicle but the children in the back seat were so severely injured that they needed an emergency transfer to hospital.
When Chris, their father, received the call, he rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he arrived too late. Both his daughters were dead and little Kyle had such serious injuries that there was no hope of survival. With a heavy heart, his parents resigned themselves to shutting down the machine that was keeping him alive. Chris sat on Kyle's bed until his son finally stopped breathing. “I sat with him until the very minute that his heart stopped beating,” Chris said. “Then he was gone.” Their loss was unbearable. They viewed Kyle, Katie and Emma for the last time and attended the funeral, when they were buried in three small coffins. The pain that Lori and Chris felt was excruciating. They lived in a neighbourhood with lots of children and every time they heard their happy laughter they had to close the windows and hide inside the house. On Halloween they went out of town to avoid the heartbreak of seeing all those happy kids in fancy dress at the door.
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