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The 10 Most Annoying Celebrities On The Planet!


They fill the pages of the tabloids, regularly appear on television and look down on us from immense billboards, but the fact is that some celebrities are simply annoying. Here’s 10 of the most irritating currently in the public eye:

10 - Katie Hopkins

Only a few years ago she was an unknown contestant on The Apprentice who happened to be slightly more annoying than her counterparts as they cruised the streets of London demonstrating all the business acumen of a three year old. Since then, however, Katie Hopkins has established herself firmly in the newspaper columns of The Sun and, occasionally, on the sofa of ITV’s This Morning, from where she has spouted her somewhat unconventional views on fat people, foreign people, Scottish people, people with Ebola and just about anyone else who she finds offensive. What’s worse, she doesn’t even appear to care. Of course, the fact that she’s managing to maintain a public profile is simply down to her controversial views, but that doesn’t alter the fact that she ought to keep her opinions to herself and neither does it mean we loathe her any less. However, the truth is she winds everyone up on purpose and gets quite a kick out of doing so, so we’d be better off following the old school advice of how to deal with a bully: show her you don’t care and maybe she’ll shut up.

9 - Miley Cyrus

As Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus probably scored a ‘four’ on the annoying scale, but since coming of age she’s rocketed to new heights, even managing to outstrip Dad’s irritating 1992 hit, Achy Breaky Heart. Deep down, Cyrus probably retains at least a moderate slice of the good girl appeal that made Hannah Montana such a huge hit with seven year-old girls, but she’s made the critical mistake of trying to throw off her Disneyesque charm with her on-stage antics, which have embarrassingly included gyrating on Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards, being photographed making allegedly racist facial expressions and kissing numerous girls in nightclubs. Now, no-one for one minute really believes this All-American girl really boasts the impossibly spotless reputation of Hannah Montana, but honestly we simply don’t need it constantly ramming down our throats just for the sake of proving it. Miley, we get the message.
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