The 10 Ugliest Jobs Out There...


For those in a comfortable job, or one that we've always dreamed of doing, it's easy to forget that for every dirty toilet, every full trash can and every hotel room that's been abused by its occupants, there is someone who is paid to clean up the mess. But it's not as basic and straightforward as you'd think. Just what are the jobs out there that make us heave by thinking about them?

10 - Public Toilet Cleaner

This is arguably the most common job that people think of when 'ugly job' comes to mind. It's bad enough having to clean our own toilet bowls at home, knowing just who has used it and, for the most part, what they've used it for. But mopping up and bleaching the pan after a complete stranger has used it is undeniably worse. Let's face it, we've all used a public toilet and treated it far worse than if we were sat on the throne at home. The tragedy is that someone, somewhere had to clean that up...and that's their job, day in, day out! It wouldn't be so bad if the dirtiest jobs were still the more highly paid, but in this day and age, the unfortunate soul who has to clean public toilets for a living is not paid anywhere near enough.

9 - Drug and Contraceptive Waste Cleaner

Unfortunately, drug users and unscrupulous couples can leave behind waste in public places. With dirty needles, used tin foil and contraceptives all posing a health and safety risk to the public, councils and city planning departments have to employ specific teams to deal solely with this issue, such is the alarming rate at which this waste is dumped in parks, alleyways and often on busy streets. There can be few things more demoralising than being sent on an urgent run to pick up someone else's dirty hypodermic needles, and knowing each day that this is all you will be cleaning up, but these teams play an important part in keeping our streets safe. Without them, our children would not be able to play in public parks, and alleyways would be awash with drug waste.
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