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The 8 Most Dangerous Places On Earth, Antarctica To Zimbabwe!


8 - Terrorism and War

Terrorism, bombings, and war are current events happening within many places around the world. Society cannot escape the headlines consistently reporting terrorist attacks and similar occurrences worldwide. Ukraine, South Sudan and Syria are mentioned in the press on a regular basis with relation to violence and war. The most consistent message of all is that of Iraq, which stands out as one of the most the most dangerous places on earth due to historical and current events of terrorism, violence and gun crime. The public are hearing about Iraq and their crisis frequently via media reports and news releases. Iraq is said to be a population of confused and in despair individuals, with an increasing number of suicide bombings. Iraq has to be rated the number one place at risk of terrorist activity as it is a popular subject in a variety of informative places, to include reputable web pages, television and radio news reports, and community discussions.

7 - Illness and Disease

Disease and illness is a worrying thought for many individuals, but some can be prevented by injection or medication either routinely or specifically for travelling purposes. Luckily most disease and illness is treatable and curable if contracted, but some conditions are slightly more complex. Some of the areas within South Africa are said to have the highest rates of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (otherwise known as HIV) in the world. Aside from this, areas of South Africa also suffer from high poverty levels and high crime rates so there is likely to be risk of becoming victim to robbery, mugging or violence. This location benefits from the lovely area of the Gordon's Bay Cliffs which is a popular tourist attraction, and attracts thrill seekers and adventure fanatics from all over. There have been reports, however of a high number of deaths in this location due to lack of preparation and awareness.
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