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The Amazing Black And White Sister Act

People often have trouble telling twins apart – but not these English sisters. Kian and Remee Hodgson share the same parents, but one is black and one is white. When they were born a minute apart in April 2005, they both had gorgeous blue eyes, but that’s where the similarity ended. While Remee’s hair was blonde and her skin was light, Kian’s hair was black and she had darker skin. As time went by, the difference in their appearance became more marked. Remee’s eyes stayed blue and her skin got lighter and Kian’s eyes turned brown and her complexion grew darker. When mum, Kylee Hodgson pushed them through the streets strangers couldn’t believe she was mum to both little girls.

How the amazing birth happened

Twins can be born with different coloured skin when they are fathered by two different men, but it is much rarer with the same father as in Kian and Remee's case and is said to a million to one chance due to a combination of the parents’ genes. Kylee and dad Remi Horder both have white mothers and black fathers, which means their eggs and sperm contain mixed genetic codes to produce white or black babies. If an egg and sperm containing all white genes fuses, the baby will be white and if an egg and sperm coded for all black genes fuses, then the baby will be black. According to fertility experts, an unusual biracial birth occurs when two eggs are fertilised at the same time and one contains the white genes and the other has the black genes.

The twins share a close bond

As well as looking different, the girls have developed different personalities. Remee is laid back and Kian is outgoing. However like many other twins, they share a close bond. They started to walk and talk at different times, but amazingly the first word out of both of their mouths was “juice”. When they were younger they both loved apples and the Teletubbies, as they are getting older, they both love dancing and music.

Other two-tone twins

Geneticists say the odds of delivering two-tone twins like Kian and Remee Hodgson are rare, but not unique. In another instance, an English couple produced mixed-race twin girls, Cheryl and Karen. Their mother is white and father is Jamaican. Other biracial twins include Layton and Kaydon, born in 2006, to a Nigerian father and English mother, and Alicia and Jasmin, born in 2006 in Australia to a German father, and Jamaican and English mother. And the chances of it happening more and more are increasing with a rise in the use of fertility treatment.

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