The Balloon That Made An Epic Journey In Memory Of One Dad.


Commemorate loss with a celebration of life

What better way to commemorate the tragic passing of a loved one than by flying a balloon with a special message inside for the person you’ve loved? Well, this is what 7 year old Beth and 9 year old Oscar did. They're from the Cook family and tragically lost their dad Simon to cancer in 2015. The 2 children, who up to this point had lived happily with both their parents in Bordon, Hampshire, were very young to be dealing with such loss and grief. They received help and inspiration from the local school that Oscar attended, the Bordon Garrison Crèche. The school realised that these young children were struggling immensely with their loss and wanted to do something concrete to help them, so they arranged a very special ceremony. Beth, Oscar and their mum were of course invited to the ceremony, as were other children, parents and teachers from the school.
They got a pack of purple balloons and each person wrote a personal message to Simon with the caption ‘Fly high Simon’ which they attached to each balloon. Of course, Beth and Oscar attached a very special message to their balloons, which they set free into the sky to go on a journey to who knows where! The moment was captured on camera and it’s a moving sight to see all the purple balloons lifting off into the sunny sky. What happened next was truly incredible. Carried along by currents of air, the balloons crossed the English Channel, travelled down through France and flew past the Alps. Their journey lasted nearly two months and they crossed an incredible 17,000 kilometres through day and night, wind and rain, surviving harsh weather and passing flocks of birds. Some of the balloons finally made it to Italy, where one landed in a field in Borgo Montone, Ravenna.
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