The Basement Wall With An Incredible Secret Beyond


Just a normal DIY project?

Many towns and cities across the world have hidden gems, but one man’s discovery in his home town was such a shock that he ran away screaming down the street. This story dates back to 1963 in Derinkuyu, in the NevÅŸehir province of Turkey, an area also known as Cappadocia. The man had been working in a cellar to demolish a wall and as he started the job he found something that you really don’t expect to find in a basement. Many people use this underground part of their house for storage, keeping all sorts of odds and ends from wine, to old family memorabilia. These dark, damp and sometimes creepy spaces usually remain out of sight and out of mind from the rest of the house, however this particular householder had decided to make the mot of his basement as part of wider home improvements.
On that memorable day almost 50 years ago, he picked up his tools and set to work to create the first hole that would lead to the collapse of the basement wall. As the hole grew, the man peered through into the darkness beyond and suddenly realised that this was no ordinary darkness. In shock, he stared dumbstruck at another room that lay beyond the wall. He chipped away at the stonework still further and as light flooded into the space beyond, suddenly a lot more could be seen. The revelation was profound – not just one room, but several rooms, which lead on to a whole street and before he knew it a whole hidden underground city opened up before his very eyes.
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