The Beauty That Lies Behind Challenges For This Awesome Family

Amber Nelson and Levis are a couple and they have been in a happy marriage for a number of years. From the looks, you would think they come from the same parents, but nature can sometimes offer something we would not expect. The family comes from Birmingham in America and they are one of the happiest families within that part of the world. Despite all the smiles on their faces, there is a long story that describes their journey to their current destination where they are now able to share joyful moments. At the time this was highlighted, Amber Nelson was pregnant and the couple is having a tough test to handle despite their happiness and unwavering brightness on their faces. The couple had their first two children without complications and life seemed to move in the natural course, attracting joy and optimism for a happy future and a strong family. After the birth of their second daughter Josey, the couple decides to have one more child, their last child. However, things do not seem to go as planned after tests proved that Amber Nelson was carrying triplets, meaning they would now have to take care of a total of five children if this would succeed. Contrary to their intentions, Amber got pregnant with triplets instead of one baby as they hoped for. Everyone is initially happy to realize she was pregnant, but the shock comes in when the results show that they are expecting three babies at once. Levi and Amber get into a dilemma, which required them to raise funds instantly to start taking care of the delicate condition. One of their friends called for donations to help the family handle the terrifying experience and to make sure Amber gets through successfully. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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