The Belly Of A Woman Begins To Grown After Giving Birth. What The Doctors Find Is Shocking!

Julia Selina, a thirty-four year old woman from St. Petersburg, eagerly awaits the birth of her second son. After a long nine months, as expected, the baby arrives. Dima, the name chosen by the parents, is finally born.
Julia starts labor but, because of the position of the fetus, doctors decide to do a cesarean section, more commonly know as a “c-section”. The young mother still does not know at the time, but this decision will change her life drastically in just one month.

Serious Complications

After being born, Dima is thankfully a strong and healthy baby, but that same cannot be said about Julia. From the birth, things begin to crumble. Her belly has begun to grow and swell, enough so that she cannot move without feeling intense pain.
At the time, she thought they were normal consequences of the operation, but it’s clear that it is much worse. In fact, she’s not even able to sit down without screaming in pain. When she realized it was much more serious than expected, she began visiting other hospitals and doctors looking for help. Unfortunately, she was only met with smug replies, assuring her that it was nothing serious, but Julia knew this was not the case. The pains worsened every day and at one point she even began to develop high fevers. At this point she was worried that she wouldn’t make it, leaving her two young children without a mother. After 24 days of agony, she was finally admitted to a military hospital where doctors doctors begin to treat her, ready to listen to whatever she has to say. During an ultrasound they detect an accumulation of fluid in the belly and the presence of a foreign object. CONTINUE TO THE NEXT PAGE...
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