The Benefits Of An Early Morning Glass Of Water

How many articles have you read on the benefits of drinking water? And how many times have you said to yourself I drink lots of tea, or coffee, or juice – they’re full of fluid, I don’t need plain water?

Personally, it was every time I read such an article, until my body began to tell me differently. I began suffering stomach bloating and my kidneys began to ache. I changed my diet and eating habits, any improvement was short lived, by now the aching was waking me at night. Visits to the toilet would sometimes provide temporary relief but nothing improved things long term. By the end of almost 12 months I was beginning to think I had some major medical condition.

All fluid is not water:

Looking back now I wonder how I could have been that stupid. Friends would tell me to drink more water, and my stock answer was always, ’I drink a dozen mugs of tea a day, I can’t be short of fluid’. But I was, far more than I realised, even though I never used to feel thirsty. Out of desperation more than anything else, I woke one morning and poured myself a large glass of plain water, and then put the kettle on for my first mug of tea. Throughout that first day I drank five or six glasses of water, and reduced my tea intake to around three mugs.
By that evening I could feel the difference. The aching and bloating felt less, Staying with this new found health regime, by the end of the week I was beginning to feel my old self, and by the end of the second week the aching and bloated feeling had all but disappeared. So why is plain water so beneficial?

Plain water flushes through the system:

While tea in its own right has certain health benefits, plain water is needed by the body as a cleanser. The Benefits of an Early Morning Glass of Water The body is made up of 70% fluid, and that fluid is used in a myriad of ways by the body to keep itself balanced and healthy. We remove toxins by urinating. The body maintains its temperature by using fluid to cool itself, we perspire. It uses that fluid we intake to help produce new blood cells, and replace the fluid lost by our normal daily activity.

After you've read the article, how do you feel?:

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