The Best Ideas Are Sometimes So Simple!


The must have for every bride!

The latest item in bridal fashion that’s a must for every self-respecting bride to be, a practical solution to a millennia old problem: how to answer the call of nature whilst wearing an elaborate full length costume! The BridalBuddy is possibly the answer to one of those underlying concerns on a girls wedding day, and seems so ridiculously simple that it leaves you asking yourself why didn’t I think of that?The best ideas are sometimes so simple Essentially a petticoat/underskirt with a sturdy waist band, and arm holes somewhere near the hem, this indispensable device allows a bride to lift up her dress and assorted under garments in a neat package, forming a doughnut of expensive costume around the waist, and allowing vital access for answering that all important call. Nerves gone straight to your tummy or fresh air straight to your bladder? no more bridal blushes as your bridal entourage valiantly supports your outfit whilst holding their breath!

Saving your blushes on all formal occasions

Think of the practical logistics of an elegant full length gown and those tiny cubicles that seem to be standard in the sort of establishments that demand such attire. Clearly designed for humans with pencil thing physiques, you’re hard pushed to get in yourself never mind with your micturition assistant, and as for a bit of privacy, forget it. Giving it further thought, the BridalBuddy will come in handy on many other occasions in life, not just a girls wedding day. For those rites of passage events such as prom night, and graduation balls, a bridal buddy may help avoid any mishaps: especially if your outfit is a rental one. Life is full of occasions where formal full length attire is de rigeur so a handy BridalBuddy seems like a good investment! CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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