The Bicycle That Creates Energy For The Home

It has been an eternal dream to produce clean energy at no cost and in a manner that does not have an impact upon the environment. For some, this dream has become a reality. This is all due to the innovative mind of Manoj Bhargava. Mr. Bhargava is also known for a famous caffeine-laden energy drink. His unique bicycle enables a home (or business) to be electrically powered. From common lighting installations to modern appliances, one's bill can be reduced to virtually nothing simply through the act of pedalling. What is perhaps even more interesting is that this product (dubbed Free Electric) is able to satisfy the daily electrical needs of a home by pedalling for only one hour at a time.

Simplicity is the Key

The core of this one-of-a-kind invention revolves around pedals which are connected to what resembles a traditional turbine. In "turn", the motion of the pedals generates electricity that is subsequently stored within a battery. However, the development of this energy-producing bicycle is not without its costs. It is estimated that no less than $4 billion dollars will be required before it enters into the public market. Therefore, he has decided to invest a portion of his revenue into innovative and ecological energy technologies; particularly self-sustainable resources for homes. He hopes to make such technologies available to developing countries and the poorer regions of the world. In other words, such methods would be present within areas where regular access to electricity is a logistical challenge or simply does not exist whatsoever.

Lofty and Yet Realistic Goals

In the coming months, Mr. Bhargava intends to distribute his bicycles to around 10,000 locations throughout India. He hopes to address the requirements of the most needy citizens. His exercise bicycles will be manufactured and then distributed to northern areas of the country such as Uttarakhand. As the inventor is a native of these locations, he is aware of the dire need for a reliable access to electricity. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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