The Black Dot Campaign - Help Or Hindrance?

Packing suitcases and just leaving with children in tow is not realistic, as monies, accommodation and job prospects may not be available. With such fear instilled it's easy to understand why many don't ask for help. However, what if there was a safe way to alert authorities to systematic abuse, even when one has no real connection with the outside world?

The Black Dot Campaign

The Black Dot campaign was invented by an anonymous Facebook user, who had been a victim of domestic abuse. Her intention was to raise awareness of other victims who are caught in the trap and unable to get out of a violent or toxic relationship. The page suggested that women in these difficult situations who were fearful of alerting authorities, needed a method whereby they could get the public's attention without endangering their safety, by drawing a black dot on the centre of the palm. Initial reaction to the suggestion was overwhelmingly positive. The page was shared thousands of times, reiterating the message and with a plea to share it far and wide. It seemed like a great idea, as abusers are renowned for controlling their victims, and watching their every move.
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