The Black Dot Campaign - Help Or Hindrance?

Cries for help

Domestic violence is still as big an issue today as it was decades ago, despite education, awareness and refuge houses being readily available. Violent crime at the hands of a respective partner, is still viewed as private business that one should never interfere with. Part of the problem is the abused partners unwillingness to get help because they are too terrified of the consequences, and so they stay in an abusive relationship. Of course, this has an adverse effect on their support systems, especially when a crisis occurs. Many still feel that that person has deliberately chosen to stay in an abusive relationship so intervention can still be slow.

The complexities of domestic abuse

Perpetrators use a system of derogatory words and actions to terrify their victims into staying. These prolonged attacks wear a person down over time, and as abusers tend to isolate and control their partners every move, it's easy to see how one ends up feeling like a prisoner as there's no way out. It's very common also for women to stay in dysfunctional relationships even when it's detrimental to their mental, emotional and physical health. If there are children involved it becomes even more complicated.
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