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Blood Group B - The Variety Diet

D'Adamo expresses that those with the blood type B people should have the most varied diet in comparison to the other blood types. However, they should avoid certain specific foods such as wheat, tomatoes and some seeds. Blood type B individuals should eat plenty of green vegetables, eggs and some meats. People with this blood type can eat an array of meat types but chicken, along with dairy should be avoided or only eaten occasionally.The Blood Type Diet - Blood Education The blood group B person is considered to have a high metabolism and a fairly agreeable digestive system, along with a healthy immune system and ability to resist illness or deal with them better than the other blood types. The personality of the blood type B is individualistic, relaxed and unconventional. These individuals do best with a balance and moderation of physical exertion and mental stimulation exercises such as walking, tennis, and swimming.

Blood Group AB - Mostly Vegetables with Occasional Meats

People with the blood group AB are able to have a varied diet but should try to limit their dairy intake. Their focus should be on eating sea foods and plenty of green vegetables, but should try to avoid products containing caffeine and alcohol. The blood group AB individual is encouraged to combine a variety of meats and vegetables into their diet, more-so vegetables and fruit with a lesser intake of meat and protein containing products, occasional dairy products are allowed but ought to be avoided where possible.The Blood Type Diet - Blood Education The AB blood group person is perceived to be hard to read and trustworthy in personality, and is the most complicated of all the blood groups in terms of their biological clock. AB was apparently the most recently discovered blood group so is a relatively new blood type where evolution is concerned. Combination exercise is the most effective for the AB person, with an alternation of moderate physical activity and calming activities.

Blood Group O - High Protein and Low Carbohydrates

Those with the blood group O are said to do well from diet a which is high in meat and protein. This blood group should eat plenty of lean meats, poultry, and fish alongside fruit and vegetables. Grains, beans and dairy should only be taken in moderation as those with the blood type O are prone to having tummy troubles.The Blood Type Diet - Blood Education Blood group O's thrive on animal proteins and less on dairy and grain, theorises D'Adamo. This type of person is considered to be generally focused, energetic, and a natural born leader/manager. The leading cause of gaining weight in those with the blood group O is said to be gluten mostly found in wheat products, and sometimes even corn and beans! The ideal exercise for a blood group O is very intense and physically assertive, such as aerobics, running, and competitive sports.
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