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The 'Blood Type Diet' was introduced and written by Peter D'Adamo and his associates and is a popular choice among some celebrities such as Cheryl Cole. There are mixed reviews by a whole variety of people, current users of this diet seem fond the idea and claim that it really does work for them. On the other hand, some scientists argue that there is no sufficient evidence to confirm that this Blood Type Diet is actually viable. The diet is based on the idea that a persons blood type dictate which foods are effective and which are not, along with tailored effective exercises.The Blood Type Diet - Blood Education This diet claims to help people to lose weight, be healthier, have increased energy, and prevent disease. Because this diet is tailored to a persons body requirements, it reacts to certain foods effectively, but hasn't taken into consideration other diet restrictions and health issues such as Diabetes. Scientists are concerned about the implications of some blood groups actually cutting out food groups. It could also pose a challenge when cooking meals for the family, especially if member have mixed blood groups. D'Adamo claims that peoples reaction to food, exercise, and even stress is linked to their blood type and that is the reason why some people have higher metabolism, and susceptibility to certain illnesses.

Blood Group A - The Vegetarian Diet

D'Adamo states that people with the blood type A are generally considered to be hard working, responsible, and calm personality. Blood group A individuals should have a predominantly vegetarian diet with little or no meat. Their body is said to react naturally well with this diet and will benefit from fresh and organic foods.The Blood Type Diet - Blood Education Apparently, blood type A individuals have a really sensitive immune system, but are able to get their recommended protein intake from beans, fruit, vegetable and whole grain as well as others. D'Adamao is a real fan of fresh and organic foods for all of the blood types. People with the blood group A are considered to be prone to problems with the heart, cancer, diabetes and more. These groups of people can get the most benefit from exercise which is calming and relaxing, such as Yoga, Pilates, and Tia Chi.
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