The Cheat Day Diet - How Letting Loose Can Keep You Lean


What's a cheat day?

A cheat day, put simply, is a day off from hard dieting. Now, before you go dashing to the shop to stock up on goodies, bear in mind what we said before. The cheat day only works when that old saying is put into practice; everything is OK in moderation. If you have a serious sugar, wheat or flour addiction, you should abstain from these substances completely because the moment you ingest them, the addiction is triggered again. Nonetheless, cheat days make the regular restrictive diet bearable because there's something to look forward to at the end of the week. Low calorie intakes can cause an energy dip in the body. This means it doesn't work so hard to burn off fat. They also affect thyroid levels which directly burn fat. Considering this, the body can benefit from a day off which acts like a kick-start to the weight loss process.

How often and how much?

Provided you've a good food plan already in place, and you've incorporated regular exercise regimes to lose pounds, a cheat day can really help you stay on track. Scientists conducted a survey where participants were allowed a cheat day once a week and the results showed they not only adhered to the diet longer but they continued to lose weight as well. Their advice is to pick one day and allow yourself to eat anything you want. However, this doesn't mean you can binge at will. Normal portions are recommended and you need to immediately resume your regular restrictive diet the following day. Knowing you can avail of this mini-break from dieting is a great motivator and isn't it great to know you can have that slice of pizza after all?
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