The Cheat Day Diet - How Letting Loose Can Keep You Lean


Weight gain war

The battle of the bulge is far from over as obesity statistics continue to rise right across Europe. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) it's thought the figures have doubled between 1980 and 2008. If that's anything to go by, the increase is set to continue. Being overweight affects about 30% of the adult population and this has serious health implications. Heart disease, cancer and addictions are among some of the the top diseases reported by WHO and research is now targeting sugar, wheat and flour. Sugar addiction is being compared to other addictions like alcoholism because it is an actual drug. Those who consume vast quantities are developing serious health complications and find it almost impossible to give up. Most shelf products are loaded with sugar of some description. Labels will often list the ingredient as aspartame or stevia. While these are substitute substances, it's still classed as sugar.

Why most diets fail

Most people don't realise they are addicted to sugar because they are not aware that it is in most products. Some are surprised to find that cereals which claim to promote good health, vitamins and nutrients are usually loaded with sugar. It's only when we try to abstain from sweet things that we experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms and this is why most fad diets fail. Diets by nature restrict sugar, fat and carbohydrates. When we suddenly eliminate them from our daily intake, the body goes into shock and sends messages to the brain that we must top up or else. Dieticians and nutritionists are also quick to point out how little (or no) exercise slows down the metabolism further and the combination of too much food and physical inactivity leads to extra pounds. However, a new dietary tip has been floating around for some time, and it just might provide a very happy medium that suits us all.
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