The Choice Of The Evening Food To Get A Goodnight Sleep.

Hitting the snooze button, going to bed, going to sleep and going to slumber are all terms used to describe the moment when we want to take a night rest after a long day of interacting with the world. Sleep in its scientific form is not a method of is a highly active process of which the day’s activities get processed, and energy gets accumulated. It is the naturally repeating state of mind composed of altered consciousness, reduced sensory activity and inhibition of most voluntary muscles. The composition of sleep is of two phases i.e. REM (random eye movement) and non-REM phase. The REM phase is the deep sleep part while the non-REM sleep phase is the period of sleep where you are not yet fully unconscious of your surroundings.
Food and sleep get intertwined in a simple yet complex maze of some of us they related because they are our favorite go to leisure activities. Scientifically, they are related. How? Well, lots of sleep will enact drastic changes in our appetite, alter the normal eating schedule and even create cravings in some of us.
Sleep deprivation will also alter our eating cycle and make us indulge in some food fads like taking lots of stimulants like caffeine (coffee and tea), nicotine (cigarettes) and energy drinks. All of them in excessive amounts are very bad to the health of the body and sleep in return. Food, on the other hand, has adverse effects on the health of sleep. Mostly because it does not subdivided into two parts of under indulgence and overindulgence. Food also affects sleep according to the type of food consumed before taking the night time rest Medics, wellness professional and diet experts have always taken keen insight in food taken before going to sleep. Statements like,“if you take this or this, you’ll wake up feeling like a log” or “avoid these kinds of foods because they have lots of calories and tire your body while asleep” are always said by the food experts all over the mass media. Let’s take a keen insight on the food stuffs that the professionals think are a no no for anybody even in the physically engaging careers like boxing or construction workers.

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