The Colour Of Your Eyes Speaks About Your Temper.


Although they are a very small part of our body, the eyes are one of the most important; Even if we ignore the fact that these incredible features allow us to poses the miracle of sight. The complexity of how they work and the colours they are able to create are mind blowing. But, can our eyes change colour with our mood?

Introduction To Different Eye Colours and How The Pigments Work

Before understanding how our eyes react to mood changes, you need to understand what components make them up and how they give your eyes their colour. A persons eye colour depends on the amount of pigment in the iris and there are two main contributors to this; Melanin, which contributes the black and brown shades and Lipochrome, which gives a yellow look to the eye. It is essentially the way that the light reflects off of these pigments, and the density of them which gives the illusion of the eyes changing colour in different situations. This means that it is in fact, the outside forces that determine what colour or shade the onlooker sees in your eyes.

Colour Pigmentation Of The Eye

There are many variations of levels of pigment that can be present in the iris and this means that no one will have exactly the same colours, they can even vary between a single persons two eyes.
The iris is positioned between the lens and the cornea and as mentioned above, the density of the pigments is what decides on the shade and colour of the eye. It is based on how the pigments of colour absorb the ultraviolet light from their surroundings. If the concentration of Melanin pigments is dense in the eye, then the iris will appear dark i.e. black or brown, but if the Lipochrome pigments are dense, then the eye will appear green or hazel. Science part over, the next part looks at the reasons for eyes seeming to change colour.
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