The Easiest Way To Remove Ice From Your Car - It Really Works!

Winter and the arrival of the cold present a series of challenges for even the bravest of drivers. Many of us have experienced our own personal "Iceman challenge" when trying everything to open a car door frozen shut with ice. But seriously, the winter cold is riskier affair for your vehicle than you might realize. Ice can not only leave you locked out in the cold, it can also affect your windscreens and side windows. It can even play havoc with your car's insides, including its petrol tank. Frost might be an evocative reminder of winter holidays and feasts, but when applied to your car it can cost you time, money, and a not inconsiderable amount of energy.

The Best Solution for De-Icing Your Vehicle

A traditional way to prevent ice forming on your car is to roll an old blanket or piece of fabric out over the windscreen. Prevention is often better than cure, but the blanket covering isn't always ideal; it could get blown away by a strong wind, or even stolen by vandals or a vindictive neighbor. Our simple trick will be useful and effective even on the frostiest of December mornings, the most bracing January evenings, and the coldest nights of February. Whether you drive a Fiat or a Peugeot, a BMW or an Audi, for once, alcohol is the motorist's best friend. No, we're not talking about drink driving - that won't help you with the frozen lock, now, will it? Believe it or not, it's possible to remove ice from your car thanks to a magic potion that is super simple to brew and uses ingredients you probably already have in your store cupboard or garage. Take a clean empty spray bottle and fill it with one part water to two parts alcohol. Liquor can be used if you're desperate. Add a teaspoon of washing up liquid, mix it all up and hey presto! You've made your own de-icer that will thaw your icy windscreen in a matter of seconds. This actually works astonishingly well, and will make every driver's life so much easier during the chilly winter months.

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