The Healing Power Of A Sea Salt Sock For Earache

With ear infections and earache, it's not always necessary to start antibiotics or go through painful ear surgery. Ear infections, if recurrent or left untreated, can cause scar tissue to build up in the inner ear and this can have many knock-on health effects, including hearing loss, recurrent infections, dizziness and balance problems, as well as headaches. There's a wonderful natural healing and pain relief solution, however, in the form of sea salt in a sock that reduces the infection and dispels the pain.

The healing properties of sea salt

Natural sea salt is an essential mineral and a staple food, with the power to rejuvenate the bio-systems within the body and is a natural powerful remedy for many different health problems. No pill or supplement matches the range of minerals that natural sea salt provides and, used appropriately, it can stop many chronic illnesses and restore health and wellbeing in a short space of time. Sea salt contains the 84 natural minerals and elements that are found in the human body, each of these playing a specific role in safeguarding health and working in harmony to regulate optimum body function.


Many illnesses, including ear infections, are caused by a prevailing acidic or toxic body condition. Sea salt is a strong alkaline that neutralises the toxic state and restores the body to health again. The trace elements in sea salt help to form blood plasma and regulate the lymphatic circulatory system, which is the extra-cellular fluid nourishing every cell.

Homeopathic doctors recommend sea salt socks to their patients and their families and have had very positive results and feedback to the point of the sock being hailed as a miracle cure. Wintertime brings colds and flu, often accompanied by earache and a high temperature.The healing power of a sea salt sock for earache Now, a high temperature is the body’s natural defense mechanism to kill bacteria and many people will try to bring down their temperature thus interfering with the natural body process. Using a sea salt sock for pain relief and infection control makes you more comfortable while giving your body time to heal.


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