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The Hidden Surprise In A Pair Of Earrings.


How do earrings go viral?

If you wear earrings, have you every looked at those weird plastic parts on the back and wondered why you've never known what they're for? You're not alone! 19-year-old Chelsea has recently sent Twitter into a frenzy, provoking a serious debate after posting a picture of her earrings with the strange plastic parts she'd always taken for granted. The image on her profile, snapped on her mobile and posted in haste, was actually 2 photos side by side. The photos clearly show her prized gold studs but in 2 very different configurations. In the first photo, the strange plastic part is attached to the back part of the earring, but in the second, it's detached, sitting on its own in the palm of her hand. We wonder if it's perhaps broken?
There's actually more to it than that and the second photo is very significant. To Chelsea's sheer surprise, it's been shared by more than 40,000 Twitter users. Within hours of posting, replies were pouring in from across the globe from users expressing their surprise at Chelsea's post, while others simply teased her for failing to notice what, for some, was so obvious! Since her original post hit Twitter, Chelsea's 'revelation' has washed over the Internet like a tidal wave and has now gone completely viral. Her story has been taken up by online newspapers, who are debating the ins and outs of her earrings post. It goes without saying that Chelsea's been enjoying something of a super-star status, so read on to find out why!
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