The Incredible Power Of An Aluminium Ball Within A Washing Machine


A Bit of Science

The main reason why aluminium works well is due to its ability to attract electrical charges that are normally generated when clothes are being dried. As a ball of aluminium acts as a "magnet" for these charges, the presence of static within a load is dramatically reduced. It really is that simple. So, where do we begin?

A Handful of Aluminium Goes a Long Way!

All that you will require is a ball of aluminium foil. Tear off a few sheets until the circumference is about the size of a baseball. After crumpling the foil up, simply insert it directly into the centre of the laundry before closing the dryer door and beginning the cycle. Let the dryer run its course and remove the ball when finished. Thanks to the properties of aluminium, this ball can be used over and over again. It will not tarnish nor will it have any negative effects upon the clothes themselves. Years of washes can be enjoyed. Your clothes will emerge softer and less wrinkled while instances of pesky static electricity are all but eliminated!

A Bit of an Odour?

While aluminium is great at preventing static cling, it will do little to prevent common and aggravating odours. Even if you use ample amounts of detergent and fabric softener, such smells could still be present. The common culprit is a pair of dirty socks. How can you do away with such scents? There are two suggestions which will eliminate this situation. First, be sure to isolate your socks by placing them within a separate clothes hamper. This prevents their odour from affecting other clothes. Another great tip is to stuff them into a plastic bag that can be securely closed. When this advice is combined with the use of a simple aluminium ball, your clothes will emerge clean, soft and smelling fabulous!

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