The Incredible Power Of An Aluminium Ball Within A Washing Machine

We are all aware that some rather strange things can take place within a washing machine. For example, every one of us has encountered those times when a lone sock or even a pair of panties has somehow vanished and will never be seen again. There can even be instances when we get into an argument with our mother; being accused of sorcery or other methods to make such garments disappear. Let's not forget that it is a common mistake to add a bit of unwanted colour to an otherwise white load! We will now take a look at one ingenious way to do away with much of the frustration associated with a load of laundry. You will be very surprised at how a simple solution can produce dramatic results!

A Hidden Friend?

There are some well-known tricks to enjoy soft and fragrant shoes as well as clean garments. However, you might not be aware that one of the most effective materials can be found within your kitchen pantry. This should come as no surprise, for the kitchen can hold a wealth of secret benefits if we know where to look. How can a simple ball of aluminium foil become your best friend when doing a load of laundry? Let's take a closer look.
The Incredible Power of an Aluminium Ball Within a Washing Machine

Say Goodbye to Static

Were you aware that a ball of aluminium foil dramatically reduces static cling while providing you with much softer garments after the drying cycle is completed? This is a much better option than removing your clothes only to find them in a stiff and crumpled pile. How does this process work? Additionally, how can you make absolutely certain that these frustrating situations can be avoided in the future?

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