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The Japanese Garden With An Incredible Story

A Japanese man's love for his wife has touched the hearts of Japanese people, as they flock in large numbers to see the unique garden he created, to celebrate his affection. Toshiyuki, who is 86 years old, has been cultivating his garden for more than 20 years around his home in the city of Shintomi. What started off as a private and colourful tribute to his wife has over the years turned into a small but very popular tourist attraction.
When spring arrives, and the flowers around the house start to bloom, the local media appear along with television reporters and camera operators, to film the event. Toshiyuki works alone because his wife Yasuko who is 76 is blind, and has never seen the beautiful flowers that are all dedicated to her.

The story behind the garden

The story of Yasuko and Toshiyuki and their great love for each other reads like a script from a Hollywood tear-jerker. The couple got married in 1956. In line with the Japanese custom of the time, the marriage was an arranged one, though it wasn't long after they had been together, that they both realised that they were made for each other.
Even though they were not well off financially, with the arrival of three children and a small income made from milk production, what was lacking in wealth was made up for with happiness. The fortunes of the couple seemed to be on the up and up, as the demand for milk in Japan grew. The work was hard and very intense, and there were no holidays. They worked seven days a week but had a dream to be finally in a position where they could start to travel. Toshiyuki had made a pledge to Yasuko that they could travel around Japan, but tragedy struck, and his wife lost her sight, and more tragically, her happy smile.
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