The Latest Bionic Lenses - The Answer To Every Eyesight Problem?

Can a pair of bionic lenses restore perfect vision to those with eyesight problems? According to Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist from British Columbia, Canada, the answer is yes: the bionic lenses are implanted directly onto the eye and allow you to have perfect eyesight for life, even with the ageing process, without the need for any glasses or contact lenses. The latest bionic lenses - the answer to every eyesight problem?The claim is that these miracle lenses can not only restore eyesight deterioration but give you eyesight up to three times better than average.
The bionic lenses are suitable for anyone over the age of 25, the age when the eye is fully developed, and look set to transform the eyecare industry; soon the need for driving glasses, reading glasses, varifocals and contact lenses will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, patients who receive a bionic lens will never develop cataracts, because the eye’s natural lens, that can deteriorate over time, is replaced.
According to data provided by Dr. Webb, the view that you get with new bionic lenses it is three times better than so-called twenty-twenty vision. The lenses in question are Bionic Ocumentics Lenses and the implantation process requires only eight minutes, says Dr. Webb. To see how it works, read on…

How is it done?

Installation is quick and most importantly, pain-free and allows the ophthalmologist to correct the patient's vision immediately. The procedure is very different from cataract surgery, which is now routine in all hospitals in the western world: it simply replaces the natural lens with the artificial lens and there is no need for either hospitalization or anesthesia; a local anaesthetic is all that is required. The bionic lens is folded inside a syringe of saline and unravels itself when inserted into the patient’s eye. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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