The Latest Miracle Of Pope Francis

Pope Francis kissed a sick child and her parents say that the tumour has been cured and that it was a true miracle. The long-suffering parents of little Gianna told reporters that their daughter had an inoperable brain tumour. In September, she met the Pope in Philadelphia and, since that fateful day, according to the couple, it seems that the disease is actually regressing. A modern-day miracle is happening, thanks to the intervention of Pope Francis. At least this is the interpretation that Joey and Kristen Masciantonio believe because of the inexplicable reduction in the size of the malignant tumour that affected their daughter, Gianna. The tumour has almost disappeared only a year after the leader of the Catholic Church gave her a kiss on the forehead in the US last September during his historic visit to Philadelphia.
Her parents, of Warrington, Pennsylvania, had taken part in the World Meeting of Families event where the Pope himself celebrated the closing Mass. Little Gianna had an inoperable brain tumour caused by blood cells attacking the brain stem and was hospitalised for over eight months. The poor little baby was diagnosed with the tumour only weeks after birth. After months of agonising waiting, Mum and Dad then heard the doctors say the dreadful words that no parent ever wants to hear: 'There is nothing more we can do for your child; you must take her home with you and make the most of the little time she has left'.
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