The Latest Motoring Robbery Scams


Motoring scams

We're living in a world where, sadly, scams are on the rise, with scammers working in a bid to make money out of the unsuspecting, innocent victims who fall prey to them. Amongst all the scams, motoring robbery scams are prolific. First, it was the wing mirror scam, where the scammers alleged their car had been hit by the wing mirror of the victim's car. They carried this off by faking the sound of an impact, stopping the victim in their tracks, and demanding an instant payment to prevent an insurance claim. Unwitting victims have paid out cash on the spot for fear of losing their no claims bonus and also not wanting the hassle of police and insurance company involvement. Another variation on this theme is the 'side swipe' scam as the scammers' vehicle overtakes the victim. Once again, an impact noise is faked and, when the victim stopped under duress, money's extorted from them.

Beware of the latest motoring scam

The latest motoring scam attack was broadcast on the Italian national news and took place not far from Udine in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. The victims were 2 Ukrainians, who'd parked in a car park to go shopping. They returned to their car and were in the process of loading their shopping bags when they noticed a flat tyre on their car, a Renault Traffic. As they abandoned their shopping bags and set about changing the wheel, a grey Chrysler pulled up and the driver started to talk to them. What they didn't realise was that this was a distraction technique while a cunning accomplice gained circuitous access to their vehicle and stole their wallets. Once the Ukrainians discovered to their horror that they'd been robbed, they also realised the mysterious man in the Chrysler had gone!
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