The Latest News On Cancer Inhibiting Soy And Its Weight Loss Benefits.

Soy helps prevent many types of cancerous tumours, and can also help you from putting on weight. The latest research reveals the true potential of the most widely cultivated legume in the world.

The soybean: a humble plant with surprising powers

If you are new to soy products, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Why is everyone suddenly talking about the benefits of eating foodstuffs created from this innocuous looking little round white bean? First of all, there's nothing new about soy - it's a tried and tested product. This apparently unassuming member of the legume family has been one of the major crops grown in China for over 3,000 years.

1 - Soy packs a vitamin laden punch too

Soy in all forms - fresh green Edamame beans, or Tempeh, Tofu, milk, flour and oil - is B-vitamin rich and an excellent source of protein. B-vitamins are vitally important to us as they maintain a healthy central nervous system as well as taking care of our skin, mouth and tongue. Types of B-vitamin are numerous and necessary to our health. Each one plays a different part in keeping us fit and healthy and the great news is that soya products contain many of them. Soya products are also a good source of vitamin E, one of the best antioxidants that there is. It's also recognised as an immune system booster and many people credit vitamin E with remarkable powers to increase athleticism. Then there's vitamin K, which, it's increasingly believed, aids in keeping bones strong and healthy. It's no wonder then, that sports people and health food fans make sure they include plenty of soy in their diet.

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