The Link Between Sugar And Fat And Poor Sleep Quality


Sleeping: action so natural that we often take it for granted, without pausing to reflect on how we do it. Experts do not recommend that we search for a better quality of sleep, instead advising that people should sleep for at least seven to eight hours a night to wake up feeling wide awake and ready to face the day.

However, in reality we know that not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy good sleep. Actually, there are many people who cannot sleep properly. With the stress of modern life, you may worry or for many other reasons, the number of people who wake up at night and turn over and over in bed is quite large. Not to mention when you suffer from severe insomnia, which can negatively affect a person's quality of life: in fact, those affected experience nervousness, poor concentration and have much less energy to perform the necessary daily activities. Another factor that can affect the quality of sleep and is not talked about very often is nutrition.


We all know that if we eat a particularly heavy meal for dinner, then we will have more difficulty falling asleep and sleeping peacefully. Indeed, the chances of experiencing bad sleep, maybe waking during the night and not having the chance to benefit from a deep, restful sleep are high. As a result, the next day we will be anything but rested and are likely to feel very tired from the early hours of the morning.The Link between Sugar and Fat and Poor Sleep Quality And if this does not occur sporadically but becomes a sort of habit, one can easily imagine that the consequences on our health will be significant. The argument has long been of interest in the world of research, which has investigated in depth the link between proper nutrition and sleep quality.


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