The Most Moving Best Man's Speech Of All Time!


A best man's speech with a difference

Memorable weddings always have a best man's speech. Usually a childhood friend of the groom, the speech is usually associated with rude jokes, embarrassing stories and vaguely insulting comments about family members. At Adrian's and Sarah's wedding, however, the best man managed to turn the traditional speech into something quite different and much more moving, introducing subjects that are rarely alluded to in a charming - and musical - manner.

Who is Daniel Buccheri?

Daniel Buccheri is a 25-year-old Australian from suburban Melbourne who has recently caused an Internet sensation with his innovative behaviour at a wedding. Daniel has been obsessed with music since the tender age of seven when he began to learn to play a battered old piano at the family's holiday cottage.
He grew up to become a talented classical composer and is now exploring a new way of musical expression, through the medium of lyrical storytelling. This direction is, so far, proving a big hit, if the reaction to his speech are anything to go by!

How did Daniel Buccheri do it?

Daniel was only twenty-five when his brother asked him to be the best man at his wedding. He decided to take the opportunity that the wedding banquet held in Melbourne presented. In fact, as soon as Daniel Buccheri he realized he would be the guest of honour at the wedding of his brother Adrian with his beloved Sarah, he felt so proud that he decided to do something truly unique for the traditional "best man's speech".

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