The Most Popular Diet Based On Lemons. Give It A Try.


What is it?

Let me cover what it isn’t first to assure readers from the start. The Lemon Detox and Purifying Diet isn’t a new fad diet, it has been around for over 50 years. Basically it is a juice fast and weight loss programme designed to wash out the system and super boost the immune system. It is based on a very specific recipe formulated by Stanley Burroughs who wrote a book called Master Cleanser (the diet was originally known as the Master Cleanse) which advocated the diet as a cure for stomach ulcers, based on the success he had experienced repairing ulcers in patients who had undergone the regime. Burroughs believed that many ailments and conditions were caused by the body being out of balance caused by poor eating and lack of sufficient exercise. He was also aware of the impact stress could have on the system and how simply cleansing it to get rid of toxins flooding the blood stream represented the first step in setting the patient on the road to better health and well-being. Three years ago, a naturopath from Switzerland, Dr K.A. Beyer, with the help of a couple of colleagues; a homoeopathist and a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, made slight revisions to Burroughs’s original recipe. Beyer published a book, The Lemon Detox Diet. Today the diet is being used in over 30 countries worldwide and carries celebrity endorsements from the likes of Beyoncé Knowles and Mariah Carey so unsurprisingly it is the chosen spring diet of countless numbers of people who want to clean up the system and drop some weight in time for summer.

How does the diet work?

The diet cleanses and rejuvenates the system with the added benefit of short-term weight loss. Burroughs believed that a thorough cleanse of the system, combined with exercise and stress reduction strategies prepared the dieter for undertaking a much healthier diet at the end of the fast. The diet provides the digestive system with a ten day respite during which only liquid is ingested; the nutrients from which goes directly onto the blood stream. Understanding the impact of this is an important factor in anyone undertaking the regime. Some people have been tempted to see the diet as very Spartan and as a consequence have introduced other substances, like protein power into the recipe. One reason for this might be fear amongst men of lean muscle loss when in fact, according to Beyer, the 10 day period of the diet is too shorter period for noticeable muscle loss to occur. Adding additional ingredients into the diet immediately create the need to digest again, thereby undermining the programme. Fabulous results have been reported from people who completed the programme and then continued to eat in accordance with the Dr Beyer’s instructions. Tom Woloskyn, in his 2009 book, The Master Cleanse Experiment, reports benefits from the diet of better digestion, improvements in skin condition, an increase in well-being and vitality and weight loss. Dieters should have reached the point where very positive changes have been made to their eating regime and as a consequence of the strengthening of their self-discipline by adhering to the programme, should find it much easier to resist taking any retrograde steps. A warning though for people who have undergone organ transplants. Cleansing the body of impurities boost the immune system which consequently becomes more efficient in ridding the body of unwanted toxins. It is possible therefore that medications being taken to ensure a transplanted organ isn’t rejected could be significantly impacted.

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