The Mysterious Underwater Crystal Pyramid Of The Caribbean

According to Dr. Meyer, this structure is much larger than any known pyramids (including the Egyptian pyramids), and it has some unusual features. Most strikingly, there are two big holes in the top of the crystal pyramid, through which water moves at colossal speeds – allegedly causing disturbances and waves at the water surface. Some scientists are now wondering if this structure could in fact be related very closely to the mysteries which have long been associated to the Bermuda Triangle.

Digging Deep into the Archeological Truth Lurking Below the Surface

After doing some independent research, we noticed Dr. Meyer wasn't the first person to claim something is hidden deep in those waters. About 50 years ago, a similar claim has been made by a Dr. Ray Brown who first noticed the structure while scuba diving. His observations have been subsequently confirmed by several independent European diving teams. For some reason that isn't entirely clear to us, it just never made the mainstream news until recently Dr. Verlag Meyer retrieved the photos which have once again sparked debate over this topic. Truth of the matter, there are many observations previously made by Dr. Brown which are astounding indeed.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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