The Mysterious Underwater Crystal Pyramid Of The Caribbean

The Bermuda Triangle has always been a mysterious place. From unexplainable disappearances of ships and planes to bizarre phenomena such as UFO sighting, much has been written rumored about this area of the globe. Little has been so far concluded about the legitimacy of such claims, leaving researchers divided. Recently, yet another mystery has been associated to this enigmatic place: allegedly, there is a crystal-looking pyramid deep in the Caribbean seas – which some people claim to be somehow connected to the strange phenomena which have been observed through the years. At this point, much of the available information is speculative since it's coming from a single team of researchers. Little is known about the actual origin of this structure, or even its age or functions. It's not even clear if it actually exists, since the claim has not been confirmed officially (nor has it been disproven). There are, however, some pictures which look very realistic - although in this day an age of computer generated special effects, it gets harder to know for sure if a picture has been tampered with. Read on to learn all the facts, and draw your own conclusions.

What we Know About the Caribbean Underwater Crystal Pyramids

The supposed underwater crystal pyramids have been discovered by the team led by Dr. Verlag Meyer. The oceanographer first noticed a suspicious underwater structure with his ship's sonar, which then was checked upon by divers. The result was nothing short of astounding.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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