The Nine Most Luxurious Celebrity Private Jets In The World


1. Donald Trump: The Boeing 757

It only makes sense that one of the men who is competing for the presidency of the United States should own a private jet. In fact, Mr. Trump is one of the richest men in the world and it shows when taking into account the numerous luxuries on board this magnificent aircraft. Gold and marble bathrooms, a massive living room and a comfortable bedroom are only a few of the amenities to be experienced when flying in style.1. Donald Trump: The Boeing 757 It is estimated that the value of his jet exceeds $100 million dollars. Staying true to form, the coat of arms of the Trump family can be seen in numerous places both inside and outside of the cabin. Arriving to a presidential debate or to a business meeting has therefore never been easier (or more expensive). The impressive "Trump" lettering on the side of the plane leaves no doubt who owns this technological marvel.

2. Jim Carrey: The Gulfstream V

There is nothing more exciting than flying from one destination to another with a close group of friends. The Gulfstream V owned by Jim Carrey has the ability to accommodate up to 16 people comfortably during a flight. The star of such films as Ace Venture: Pet Detective, Immortal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Truman Show certainly knows how to display his wealth.2. Jim Carrey: The Gulfstream V While the sound of its impressive turbine engines alone exudes power, the Gulfstream V is able to reach truly frightening speeds during its flight. This only makes sense, for it is estimated to be worth a whipping $59 million dollars. Comedian or not, Mr. Carrey is indeed very serious when it comes to what he chooses to fly in. Coach-class seating is now a thing of the past thanks to such an amazing aircraft.
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